Archive Footage

Work is progressing nicely on the film Lidice – A Light Across The Sea.

Last week the footage from the Czech Film Archive in Prague arrived. It’s fascinating to work with archive footage as it’s like looking back in time. In this case it’s a part of history which we all hope we never re-visit. The footage of the destruction of Lidice was shot by Dr Franz Treml and was actually used as evidence of war crimes at the Nuremberg trials. It’s chilling to watch the destruction of the village but it adds an important element to the film.

We’ll also be using Movietone footage from the UK which features the exiled Czech President Edvard Benes visiting the launch of the Lidice Shall Live campaign at the Victoria Hall in Hanley.

As well as archive footage we’ve recorded interviews with survivors of the atrocity, first hand accounts from the launch of the Lidice Shall Live campaign and also interviews with historians.


Lidice – A Light Across The Sea

“The miner’s lamp dispels the shadows on the coalface. It can also send a ray of light across the sea to those who struggle in darkness”.

So said Sir Barnett Stross in 1942 and the film takes its name from this title.

Since our last post we have been very busy shooting interviews, sourcing archive footage,  producing the soundtrack for the film and working on the edit.

We’re really happy with the progress of the film and we’re looking at a June-time completion date.

The help and support we’ve received from most people in the UK and the Czech Republic has been fantastic and we look forward to completing the film and inviting you all along to a special preview evening in the summer.