Lidice to air on UK TV screens!

We’re absolutely thrilled that ‘Lidice: A light across the sea’ will be shown on British TV on the 3rd November this year!

Having already been aired on Czech television and across the USA, the documentary will now be shown on the Community Channel (Freeview: 63, Sky: 539, Virgin Media: 233, Freesat: 651) on the 3rd November at 10pm. Not that we didn’t love the chance to visit the Czech Republic and the USA but it will be great to be able to watch the film on television straight from our living rooms!

We’re really proud of the documentary and the inspiring stories of the people of Lidice and the miners of Stoke-on-Trent and it’s fantastic that the story is still reaching new audiences a year after it first premiered at the Czech Embassy.

Equally proud are Stoke City Football Club, who helped to fund the documentary and allowed us to show it to school children at the Britannia Stadium. Adrian Hurst, head of community at the club, said

“Stoke City Football Club were proud to be part of a project that recognised the fantastic community spirit of the City of Stoke-on-Trent. The Club funded the making of the film which will give generations an opportunity to understand and relive the story.”

The community channel is available across all platforms (Freeview: 63, Sky: 539, Virgin Media: 233, Freesat: 651) so make sure you set a remind, remote record or Tivo it so you don’t miss it!

Once again we’d like to thank everyone who has helped us with the documentary along the way, and we hope you’re as proud as we are.


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