Lidice Heads Across the Pond!

Today marks the first of our Lidice film showings in Chicago as part of the city’s 2014 commemorative events.

As you probably know, we began production on the documentary after learning about the WWII Lidice tragedy and if you haven’t seen it already, the documentary tells the story of how Stoke-on-Trent citizens helped to rebuild Lidice, a small town in the Czech Republic that was destroyed in the war. Released in 2013, the film has received a phenomenal response, shown to politicians, family members and school children through the UK and Czech Republic, and we’re now extremely proud that the story has head across the pond to Chicago, Illinios.

We were asked to show the film at a number of events in Chicago to the city’s large Czech and Slovak community as part of the city’s commemorations. The film will be shown at the National Czech and Slovak Museum on the 7th June and at the Lidice Commemorative event at Crest Hill, which was renamed Lidice in remembrance of the tragedy, on the 8th June.

It’s amazing to see the film have a life of its own and to reach so many people across the world, and we’re really proud that this inspirational story of sincere solidarity is receiving the recognition it deserves.